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Tree trimming and maintenance service made fast, easy, and affordable. Serving Parker and surrounding areas we offer a variety of services to maintain the aesthetic and health of your trees & shrubs. With a dependable team & easy scheduling we are confident we can meet your needs. Schedule an appointment today.

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Top Rated Tree Service and Maintenance

When it comes to removing or maintaining trees on both residential and commercial properties, Parker Tree Trimming is among the best. Our crews pride themselves on expert tree trimming and pruningtree removaltree maintenancetree disease treatment and stump grinding. We provide fast, free and accurate estimates for services in Parker, Colorado and surrounding areas including Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone, Tree, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Franktown, Englewood, Greenwood Village and more.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential for maintaining your tree’s health, promoting development, and conserving its natural aesthetic. However, do-it-yourselfers sometimes make the mistake of cutting their trees incorrectly, resulting in potentially catastrophic harm.

In addition to aesthetic value and the shade they provide, trees require a significant amount of time to mature. It is critical to provide appropriate care and maintenance. Our team of professionals can assist you in ensuring that your trees remain robust and healthy.

Tree Removal

Tree removal takes a professional company like us to execute safety. We plan ahead of time, take permission from the authorities and prepare the surroundings ahead of time. Proper management ensures no one gets hurt and property doesn’t get damaged during the removal process.

When you have a tree that needs immediate removal, you have us. We have been removing trees for ages. No matter the reason with professional tree removal you can be assured about the safety of your property. We take our time clearing the area and removing any obstruction where the tree will fall.

Tree Removal
Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance includes watering, fertilising, pruning, and trimming the trees. No matter the size of your tree proper maintenance techniques are needed to keep it looking healthy. A healthy tree keeps your tree greenland healthy for years. Having healthy trees will increase your curb appeal, and increase property value as well.

Our team will come and inspect the tree if you feel the tree needs treatment for infestation or other diseases. We will provide professionally done pruning and shaping. Unruly trees don’t look good on your property. With our help you can keep them looking amazing. We have all the necessary tools and the experience for the proper maintenance of your trees.

Tree Disease Treatment

If you see your tree is dying, growing fungus, insects, the leaves are yellowing off season, there are holes in the trees, and other signs of infestation, call us. We can inspect what kind of infestation is affecting your tree and we can treat your treat. We use needed pesticides to kill the parasite or insects.

If the tree needs fertilization or undo the damage done by infestation, then we can do that as well. We have treated all kinds of trees in Parker, CO. Our arborists know how to identify different kinds of diseases in your tree and the proper method to treat them when the issues are small.

Tree Disease Treatment
Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Our company has stump grinding machines that we use to grind down the stump in your commercial or residential property. The grinding machine can grind down the stump to the ground so it doesn’t cause an obstruction. You will be able to use the land as per wish once you are done with grinding. Grinding is much easier than stump removal that is much more invasive and can cause damage to your property. Stumps can be risky for your kids and look ugly in your yard, with stump grinding you will never know if there was a stump in that place. Finally, tree stumps can take up a lot more space than you think, thus removing them can free up a lot more room than you think. If you wish to remove a stump from your property, give us a call today.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Icon We Are Reliable

Our customers are highly satisfied with the kind of service we provide. We recommend us highly to anyone looking for professional tree care services for their commercial or residential property. We take care of all your tree care needs so you don’t have to worry.

Schedule Icon We Are Flexible With Our Schedule

Our company is flexible with schedules. If you wish to get the tree services during the weekend we will send our team on that day. We ensure you get less disrupted when we are working on your property and that is why we have made sure to keep our schedule flexible.

On Time Icon We Come On Time

When you call us we always are on time. We will ensure you get services in a timely manner and don’t have to wait for hours for the team to show us. No need to stay in uncertainty when you have us.

Professional Icon We Are Professional

Parker Tree Trimming is licensed, insured and certified. We have years of experience and only hire people who have experience in tree care.

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If you want a free estimate without any obligation, let us know. No matter what kind of tree service you need, we will be there to help. We can inspect your property, see the trees and give you an estimate. Our estimates are always reliable. We will never slap you with hidden charges at the end of the job unlike many other tree companies. We operate authentically and make sure you get what you have paid for.

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