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Is your tree unhealthy? Spotty, yellowing leaves and an entirely dead branch may be signs that the health of your trees are declining. If you notice black patches, unusual colors or a twisted shape on the leaves in spring/summertime (or insects attacking), it is likely time to get them assessed by professionals before they become infected from pests.

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“Is your tree sick?” This is a question that many homeowners and business owners ask themselves. A green and healthy looking tree can turn yellow in no time at all, or start to become more susceptible to pests like insects. To make sure this does not happen, it’s important for you to determine if something isn’t right with their trees by asking these questions: Do black patches appear on the leaves? Does my tree have unusual colors such as spotting or discoloration? Is there any noticeable decay present near wounds of branch loss (rot)? Does my bark seem rough-textured instead of smooth depending on where I touch it?

It may be difficult for an untrained eye to identify what causes underlying issues; but a professional can assess a tree’s condition, including dead or dying branches as well as any possible insect infestation that may need attention. In order to develop and stay healthy, trees require adequate maintenance and monitoring. A diseased tree can spread the disease to other trees, so it’s important to identify and resolve the issue immediately. Diseases can be easily avoided if they are taken care of early on.

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A specialized and complete approach to tree health care is provided by working with a local professional tree firm, which takes into account regional pests and diseases, local weather and climate affects, and the overall condition of your landscape.

When it comes to infestations, what starts out as a little problem can quickly escalate into a huge problem that poses a threat to your property. Insects and tree diseases, if left untreated, can swiftly turn your tree and shrub assets into liabilities. Your local tree care crew will check your trees for some of these frequent indicators of an infestation or disease, such as thinning canopy, undersized or discolored leaves, sawdust-like material, and small holes in tree bark, as a licensed, professional tree service. These are just a handful of the warning indicators that your arborists will be on the lookout for! Once a diagnosis has been made, an arborist will provide treatment and/or management solutions to help you restore the health of your green assets.

The best defense is a good offence when it comes to tree care. Proactive tree maintenance is essential for preventing diseases from wreaking havoc on trees. The ideal therapy is a series of pre-emptive foliar treatments, which will minimize the level of infection on treated leaves by targeting the specific pathogen(s) to which the tree is sensitive. Do you see leaf turning yellow during summer? There are a variety of reasons why the leaves of your prized tree are browning and dropping off in the summer. To make sure your tree isn’t dehydrated, we’ll check for dry soil. We’ll check for overwatering, inspect for leaf disease, and treat for insect infestation.

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Our experienced tree consultants at Parker Tree Trimming care about you and your trees’ health and safety. Every client encounter has provided an opportunity for ISA Certified Arborists to deepen their education and utilise their advanced talents. In addition, we are a certified tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation reflects our commitment to safety, experience, and professionalism as a tree service company.

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